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The GVM, GCM and BTC can all be upgraded in Tasmania and Hobart however the BTC can only be upgraded pre registration. This means your vehicles upgrade must be completed before your dealer registers your vehicle. GVM,GCM upgrades can be completed post registration how ever it is a little bit more expensive as engineering and a modification plate is required. We do this as part of our service.

A common mistake we see that cost customers thousands of dollars is purchasing a GVM Upgrade and being informed their is not option with a GCM increase available. With most vehicles this in not the case 95% of our Lovells upgrades come with a GVM/GCM Upgrade. 

At TJP Auto & 4x4 we are 4x4 enthusiast and adventurers our staff caravan and are across all aspects of weights, we also have a in house weigh bridge to be able to weigh your vehicle and see if you need a GVM / GCM Upgrade and from there we can also calculate which upgrade will suit your needs.

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