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Hobarts Home of Suspension upgrades

Welcome to TJP Auto & 4x4 - Your Trusted Destination and Hobart's Home of Suspension Upgrades. We take pride in being your go-to hub for all your suspension needs. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we've become the premier choice for suspension upgrades in Hobart. Whether you're a seasoned off-road enthusiast or simply seeking a smoother ride on the city streets, we're here to elevate your driving experience. Explore our comprehensive range of suspension solutions and discover why TJP Auto & 4x4 is the ultimate destination for all your suspension upgrade needs

Control arms and bushes 

Enhance Your Vehicle's Handling and Comfort with TJP Auto & 4x4's Suspension Control Arms and Bushes. Your suspension system's performance relies on the precision and quality of its components. At TJP Auto & 4x4, we offer a wide range of suspension control arms and bushes designed to optimize your ride. Whether you're aiming to improve control, reduce noise and vibrations, or simply ensure a smoother journey, our control arms and bushes are engineered for reliability and longevity. Explore our selection today and experience the difference in ride comfort and handling with TJP Auto & 4x4

control arm hobart tasmania

4x4 Arms adjustable

Take Control of Your Suspension with TJP Auto & 4x4's Adjustable Suspension Arms. Precision and adaptability are key when it comes to optimizing your vehicle's suspension system. That's why we offer a range of adjustable suspension arms designed to put you in the driver's seat of your ride. Whether you're fine-tuning your vehicle's alignment, camber, or caster angles for better handling and tire wear, our adjustable suspension arms provide the flexibility you need. Explore our selection today and unlock the power to tailor your suspension to your exact preferences, right here at TJP Auto & 4x4

superpro suspenion hobart tasmania

MCA Coil overs

Elevate Your Suspension Performance with MCA Coilovers at TJP Auto & 4x4. When it comes to precision tuning and exceptional ride quality, MCA Coilovers are in a class of their own. At TJP Auto & 4x4, we offer a premium range of MCA Coilovers designed to provide unmatched control, adjustability, and durability. Whether you're seeking the perfect balance between comfort and performance or aiming to conquer the track with confidence, our MCA Coilovers deliver. Explore our selection today and experience the pinnacle of suspension excellence with TJP Auto & 4x4

mca coil overs hobart tasmania

Whiteline suspension

Unlock Precision Handling with TJP Auto & 4x4, Your Trusted Hobart Dealers for Whiteline Suspension Products. At TJP Auto & 4x4, we're proud to be your go-to source for the renowned Whiteline Suspension range in Hobart. Whiteline's commitment to performance and quality is unparalleled, and our partnership brings these exceptional products right to your doorstep. Whether you're looking to improve control, enhance ride comfort, or elevate your vehicle's handling, our Whiteline Suspension offerings have you covered. Explore our selection today and experience the difference that precision engineering and expertise can make in your driving experience, all with the convenience of TJP Auto & 4x4 as your trusted local dealer.

whiteline suspension hobart tasmania

Air bag Suspension 

Air Bag Assist Suspension at TJP Auto & 4x4. When it comes to achieving the perfect balance of comfort and load-carrying capacity, our air bag assist suspension solutions are the answer. Whether you're hauling heavy loads, towing, or just want to fine-tune your vehicle's ride height, our air bag assist systems provide the versatility and control you need. Explore our selection today and experience the benefits of smoother rides, improved handling, and optimal load support. Trust TJP Auto & 4x4 to help you reach new heights in suspension performance

air bag suspension hobart tasmania

Coil & Leaf springs

TJP Auto & 4x4's Premium Suspension Springs. Your vehicle's suspension system is only as good as its springs, and we offer a diverse range of top-quality suspension springs to meet your needs. Whether you're aiming to enhance handling, improve ride comfort, or increase load-carrying capacity, our selection of suspension springs is engineered for performance and durability. Explore our options today and discover the perfect springs to elevate your driving experience. Trust TJP Auto & 4x4 to keep you riding smoothly on any terrain.

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