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30,000kms/30 month warranty



Coverage Period

The warranty period begins from the date of completion of repairs and covers the first 30,000 kilometres or 30 months, whichever comes first.

Covered Components

This warranty covers specified new parts and associated labour costs as outlined in the detailed and fitted at the time of repair. This warranty does not cover second hand or used parts in anyway.


Repair Location

All warranty claims must be repaired exclusively by TJP Auto & 4x4. Repairing or servicing the vehicle elsewhere may void the warranty.



This warranty is non-transferable. It is only applicable to the original vehicle owner who received the repair services from TJP Auto & 4x4.


Maintenance Requirements

The vehicle must be serviced by TJP Auto & 4x4 at regular intervals of every 10,000 kilometres or 6 months, whichever comes first, throughout the warranty period. Failure to adhere to the specified maintenance schedule may result in the voiding of the warranty.


Warranty Claim Process

In the event of a covered failure, the vehicle owner must promptly notify TJP Auto & 4x4 and follow the designated warranty claim process.
Repairs must be scheduled and performed by TJP Auto & 4x4.



The warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, misuse, neglect, improper maintenance, unauthorized modifications, environmental factors, or normal wear and tear. Components not explicitly listed in the TJP Auto & 4x4 invoice documentation are not covered.


Limits of Liability

TJP Auto & 4x4's liability under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of covered components and associated lab or costs.
Consequential or incidental damages are not covered under this warranty.


Modification to Terms

TJP Auto & 4x4 reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this warranty at its discretion.


Contact Information

For warranty inquiries and claims, please contact TJP Auto & 4x4.
By utilizing TJP Auto & 4x4's automotive workshop services and accepting this warranty, the vehicle owner agrees to comply with these terms and conditions. It is recommended to thoroughly review the full warranty documentation provided at the time of repair for detailed information.

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